A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Android

This is my first game, that I made while learning Unity 5 and C# on the web.

I know there is no sound in my game, yet.

This is a minimalist puzzle game.

There are some levels, to complete a level you need to bring the Vinyl disk to the Turntable.

You do It by creating a selection area that must contain the Vinyl during its creation!

In this build (Prototype) the Vinyl isn't directly teleported, only the vinyl center, Is.

(I made this game to try a new sort of gameplay.)

Well, ENJOY <3


Vinyl_Cities_Prototype.app.zip 34 MB
Vinyl_Cities.zip 32 MB
Vinyl_Cities_Prototype-LOW.app.zip 34 MB
Vinyl_Cities_Prototype.apk 40 MB

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